Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GACC 2009 @ MMU Day 1

Minna-minna-san ogenki desu ka? Kawaii desu ka?
I just got back from the awesome-nest Cosplay event ever- GACC 2009 organised by MMU Melaka's EMINA club.
Taking place over 2 days from 15th to 16th August , GACC 2009 is one of the largest Cosplay, Anime, Games and Manga events in Malaysia.
I'm still high from the was fun,fun,fun all the way.
Being a native Malaccan really helped because I didn't have to make travel or lodging plans, plus my brother is an MMU student.
I'm covering only day 1 in this post because I took a whole lotsa pictures, and I had to sort through them when I came back to KL.

I arrived rather late, and I missed the Grand Freeze event where all the cosplayers froze for exactly 3 minutes at 3pm sharp.
vid credit: vampiremamoru @ youtube

I actually came to watch the group cosplay event and had some free time before that, so I visited the Doujin booths and bought some Soul Eater bookmarks and K-on badges as well as anime DVDs...

Gundam DIY competition in progress.

More importantly, snapping cosplayers. These are vocaloids

Unexpectedly, I met my good friend and ex-classmate Sin-Lin there. She's an ex-EMINA member and comes for GACC annually. It was really a bonus to have met her.(Apparently she makes figurines too)

Cho kawaii meido-san

Naruto..his wig is so kakkoi.

Bleach cosplayers...
Shinigami-san...nan de posu wa?

Then it was time for group cosplay competition to start..there were four teams:
The Code Geass group

Devil May Cry
Air Gear

and my favourite..Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu's SOS brigade.

While waiting for the Chibi matsuri to start at 6pm, the comittee entertained us with dances.

I was dancing to Caramelldansen too... uh uh uhwa uhwa

vid credit: vampiremamoru @ youtube
Full frontal.ahaiks.

Can somebody please tell me where these two are from?

Hetalia : Axis powers.

..which I haven't watched but want to..Maids maids everywhere, where do they come from?, I don't long as I get Pictures..mwahaha.

There were many events going on at once..PSP and online games, as well as non-virtual gaming.

So many moe well as a manga reading room.

Chocobanana anyone?
The chibi matsuri was really chibi. Micro-mini chibi..there were only 5 stalls.
Guppy fishing, Doko ni goldfishes imasu ka?
Ohh..the pudding was really great.

So there's that. My only regret is I couldn't really catch up with Sin-lin since I was rushing to go home. Gomen-ne?

Coming soon: Day 2 report..motto cosplayers..motto fun..motto everything.


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