Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Heart Song

My heart feels unnaturally light,
despite the surrounding troubles,
though my body has forgotten what it is like
to have a day
without pain
and my soul has forgotten, what it is like
to be loved
My heart remembers this peace
that surpasses all understanding.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Blog Has a follower?

Uhm..there goes my privacy..haha,and I thought nobody comes here.

I've been wondering to myself if I will repeat old mistakes again this week, and blaming myself for falling too easily in love.
I am wondering if there is a method to go through life but not getting hurt.
I am wondering if distancing myself and letting emotions pass and not forming any lasting connections is the way to do it.
I am wondering why I always feel things so much stronger than other people.
I am wondering why I cannot stay in one place too long.
I am wondering.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010-It's-Over-9000

There's a storm outside my window right now..and my feelings are pretty much the same.
Yes, another event is over and I have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, but this is no ordinary event, it's Comic Fiesta. Most of us wait a whole year for it, with so much of anticipation and expectation, and suddenly before you know it, it's over.

Virgilia' wand..completed the day before CF..from cardboard and hot glue.

I know most of my friends are dealing with the after effects of CF as well, and it comes out in really strange out of character emo-ness on Facebook.

But when all's been said and done, I really had a blast.

It's shiro kuro socks on resting mode, day 1.

This year it was held in Berjaya Times Square Hotel's Manhattan Ballroom from Dec 18-19. Really crowded, like no oxygen I'm in the old Puduraya on Hari Raya eve kind of crowded.

Okay, I know, the picture doesn't depict it. That's because this was taken really early on the first day, when everyone was still lining up for tickets.
( I pre-booked mine..yay!).

Right..let's skip the boring parts..and on to the Top ten CF 2010 moments, in no particular order.

-Hugging Domo-kun along random corridor on day 2(Pic Courtesy of Elizebeth Mah)

-Berth and Flo stopped by, even though they weren't into this kind of thing, but they made an effort at the end of day 1 to come say hi and take pictures *hugs*. It was Bert's first time being exposed to cosplay and she found it interesting to the max. ( I really enjoyed sitting on the toilet floor and talking to you both)

(pic courtesy of KaoruRanRan)
-Hanging out with Nekos and Bunnies on day 2, having lunch and shooting random videos.

-Being followed by Enma Ai (woots Sin-Lin) on day 1

-and again on day 2 (woots Kumiko), somehow, Wonder if I have an invisible "please stick with me, Jigouko Shoujo" sign on me back.

-Having Sin Lin, Tim and Jeremy stay over and getting my first christmas gift from them
Sankyu sankyu.
-Male crossplayers...what can i say..I *hearts* them... I can't help it. I actually wish there were more for me to fangirl. Above is guest18 as azu-nyaaan, winner of the 2010 saimoe award.

-watching performances and the final cosplay solo competition on day 2..while Sitting Down..that's such a get to seeet down. Fav perf was Shiomaru..but I was so blown away by her voice i didn't take any pics, and of course The Version

-Finally, receiving and getting to wear the Bunny Squad T-shirt, then taking emo poses with Shiki. I shall go into a corner and continue in my depressed state.

Blessed Christmas everyoneee..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My life seems be from one controlling b**tard to another. I wish it was legal to gauge someones eye out with a fork.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

When it Rains

Isn't it unfair,
that those who ruined my life,
get off scott-free?

Friday, November 05, 2010

Teach Me

Dad, I'm really sorry.
I think I've focused too much on what i don't have,til I've forgotten to see what I do have. You are good, and I will never forget it. Teach me to never forget it.
I'm thankful for this thing called cosplay. Whatever others may say about it, I know somehow, you meant for me to be here.
What is salt, if it stays only in the shaker?
what is Michelle, of she stays only in one place, with 90% of the people in her phone list being all one type?
Whatever others may perceive, this is my worship to You,
to bring encouragement, kindness and hope wherever needed.
To be a friend.

Thank you for showing me the answer to my question,
when I said, how could I possibly be in the ACG community? It's like entering blindfolded into the wilderness, not knowing if I'll be safe, or hurt, or even if my current friends will abandon me.
I thank you, because only hours after I asked this question,
there they are...
having lunch at Papa Rich..before a photoshoot.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Papa no Tegami

Yes, this is me,
I'm angry,
at You.

I've followed all your rules,
and yet,
I am unhappy.

I can't give you the painter's brush
not yet..
I still love You..but
I'm angry.
and yes,
at You.